Communal First Saturdays Online

Online First Saturdays Devotion for July 4, 2020:

Please join us online Saturday, July 4th to try to make the First Saturdays together!

The video in English for this First Saturday is here:


mp3 audio file in English is available here.


Video in Spanish is available below:

Primeros Sábados Comunitarios Online – 4 de julio del 2020 

mp3 audio file in Spanish is available here.

There will be three different times:

1) 12pm Manila, Philippines Time


2) 11am New York DST, which is 4pm London DST


3) A las 9:00 am, hora de la Ciudad de México (Mexico City time)

Ideally, we would like you to join with us at one of these times. However, you can still access the video at another time for individual use or use with others.

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To see a sample of what the Communal First Saturdays is like, please see video below. (Be sure to come back July 4th to see the full Communal First Saturdays Online.)

We need to persevere in trying to fulfill Our Lord and Our Lady’s’ request for the First Saturdays devotion. Why? Our Lady promised a period of peace and salvation of many souls (Fatima, July 13, 1917). Our Lady also promised to assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation (Pontevedra, December 10, 1925). Need we say more? With this recent pandemic, people are dying by the thousands… many of us are feeling unrest…  
We can’t have a period of peace with the way things are going on in this world. So, we know that the resolution of this pandemic will come. We can do our part to hasten the resolution of this. 
We should also keep in mind that there is something far worse than the coronavirus, which is the virus of sin. The First Saturdays Devotion is Heaven’s remedy for this as well as the virus.

How can we make the First Saturdays if many of us can’t receive Confession and Holy Communion given the pandemic? We can still try as far as possible by trying to make a perfect Act of Contrition with the intention of going to Confession as soon as possible and offering a spiritual Communion in reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary with the intention of receiving Holy Communion as soon as possible. 
The Communal First Saturdays Online will help us do this.

This program is based on the book The Communal First Saturdays (with imprimatur). The devotion in this book is the first canonically approved public First Saturdays devotion accompanying the Liturgy.

 Let’s keep in mind the power of prayer together with the words of Pope St. John XXIII:

Clearly the most efficacious kind of prayer for gaining the divine protection is prayer that is offered publicly by the whole community; for Our Redeemer said: “Where two or three are gathered…” (Pope St. John XXIII)

Since many of us cannot visibly gather to fulfill the First Saturdays together, we can try to approach this as far as possible online together.

To fulfill the First Saturdays, each of the following needs to be done in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

  1. 1) Confession
  2. 2) Pray the Rosary
  3. 3) Receive Holy Communion
  4. 4) Fulfill a separate 15 minute Meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary in Our Lady’s Company

This video can help you do all of this. However, you would still need to make the intention to physically go to Confession and Mass as soon as possible.

The online program offers some important information regarding Confession.  It then continues with the Communal Order of Devotion, which includes Introductory Prayers, the Rosary, opportunity to make a Spiritual Communion in reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and a 15 minute communal Meditation in Our Lady’s company in the form of lectio divina specifically for the month of May. The program concludes with the Pilgrim Virgin Statue and Brown Scapular Reception.

We encourage everyone to make a good examination of conscience before watching Communal First Saturdays Online. This will help us make a perfect Act of Contrition and try to receive a Spiritual Communion in the state of grace. To examine your conscience, you can go to our website by clicking on the following link: Examination of Conscience.

For more information about the First Saturdays, you can view our downloadable pamphlets here.

To view an additional video, please click here.